Harsh winters can take a toll on your vehicle and leave it looking kind of worn out in a matter of months. What if you could protect your car and jazz it up at the same time?

Wrap Your Car in Style to Protect it from the Winter

bad donkey wrapsWhether for business or personal use, a car is a big investment that everyone wants to keep safe for as long as possible. However, when the winter gets tough, your vehicle’s finishes take a hit and that beautiful, shiny paint job can easily go down the drain.

Wax and other products can leave your car looking like a shiny, new penny but when it comes to actually protecting your its exterior, they don’t make the cut. If you really want to keep your car’s exterior safe this winter, a vinyl vehicle wrap is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of. Not only will a vehicle wrap act as an added level of protection, it will also give it a unique look that can represent you or your brand.

3 Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Wrap Safe in the Wintertime

A vehicle wrap will certainly become a protective layer for your car against harsh weather but in order for it to be a good barrier, you need to provide proper care.

Prevent Ice from Building Up

It will snow on it and that’s ok. What you don’t want is for the snow to turn into ice. Make sure you remove the snow as soon as possible before it freezes on your vehicle wrap and it becomes harder to get rid of it. If you have some build up in you rear window, defrost it first.

Clean Off the Road Salt

Road salt is great to melt the ice but it’s not so great when it gets stuck to your vehicle. Be mindful of cleaning any remainings of road salt on your vehicle’s creases promptly, as the salt can start to corrode your vinyl wrap and end up causing a lot of damage.

Do Not Scrape It

Using a scraper can easily peel off or scratch your vinyl wrap. When you want to reach for a scraper, reach for a soft bristle brush instead. It will get the job done without the damages.

Custom Vehicle Wraps that Win All the Looks

Don’t let your car suffer through the winter unprotected. At Bad Donkey Wraps we look to create wonderful and unique designs that will set your car apart. Whether you just want to spruce up you car’s look or you want to turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard, we got you covered. Let’s get creative and start working on your next vehicle wrap today.