Signage is a great way to convey your brand’s message to your audience. As your business evolves, signs and graphics can be the perfect ally for your rebranding efforts.

Giving Your Brand a New Look with Signage

Consistency is key for branding to be successful. From your business signs to other graphics like banners or posters, all visual elements must be aligned. There are three ways you could choose to go when it comes to rebranding. Whatever option you choose, signage can support your efforts.

Realign Existing Branding Elements

Cohesiveness is the name of the game here. As a business evolves and its in the quest to find their signature look, it is common to see brand elements with different designs. This also happens with acquisitions, where you see two brands merging into one. It comes to a point when a design must be chosen and all visual elements must be realigned to generate a cohesive look that allows people to identify you. Getting new signage and graphics is necessary in this stage.

lobby sign designFreshen Up Your Brand

Sometimes your brand needs a breath of fresh air, a few key elements that need to be completely revamped in order to give your business new life. When your brand elements are no longer doing you justice, refreshing your brand might be in order. It could be because your business took a slightly different direction or because your current brand elements are dated. New signs with current designs and colors will help you check this off your to-do list.

Give Your Brand a Complete 180

Evolution happens over time, but sometimes, what your business needs in order to soar is transformation. Reinventing yourself can be exactly what your business needs, if executed properly. This option calls for everything to be done from scratch, from your business logo and sign, to your banners and vehicle wraps. New look means new everything in order to properly demonstrate your business’ new personality.

Our Business Is to Support Yours

At Bad Donkey Wraps, branding, graphic design and advertising is what we do best. We offer various forms of signage like vehicle wraps, business signs, large format printing, all which are meant to set your business apart. Through our passion and creative drive, we deliver top quality products. Bad Donkey Wraps is here to help your company get to the next level. Give us a call today.